Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amos Harris: 1931-2011

Amos Harris was a friend of mine. Not a long-term friend or a childhood friend or a business friend, just a friend. A friend who was interested in me, and a friend in whose company I was comfortable.

I last saw him several weeks ago, but was too busy to sit down and talk to him. Now he’s gone, and I really didn’t get a chance to say good-by or how much I appreciated him.

The Montgomery Advertiser, surprisingly, had a good article about Amos and his Nat King Cole society on Saturday. It reviewed his life; how he started and advocated for the NKC Society. His wife, Rozelia, was honored and his family was mentioned. His Air Force and Police careers in Korea and Chicago were also mentioned, but try as they would, the Advertiser could not really give Amos complete accolades. They didn’t really know him.

But we knew him. We all know that his life was an open book; and he was always glad to tell you about his many life experiences, and more importantly, his ideas, concerns, and thoughts.

He was a generous man, a serious man, a citizen, a patriot and he really had a great sense of humor. Maybe he was a man ahead of his time when you think about reaching out and freedom and equality. I had long conversations with Amos about a lot of things and tried to be his friend. I liked him.

But the one thing the Advertiser wouldn’t touch or even honor was the fact that he was one of us – Amos Harris was a Republican.

Not a Republican on the surface, or in the heart of debate, but a Republican deep down and persistent in his belief that Republicans, more importantly, Conservatives have the right answers to our current challenges in these United States. He was passionate about this Club and its members. He wanted us to do the right thing, and he wanted us to someday to be able to reach out to his neighborhood and those who have not given our principles consideration.

I know he was a man of faith, and I would take pleasure in seeing him again on the other side. But in the meantime, I will miss my friend Amos Harris.

Chuck Carver,
Montgomery County Republican Club