Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Find Your Legislative District Under the House and Senate Plans

Whose house and senate districts are you likely to be in under the house and senate plans?  Find out at the Alabama Policymaker's Dashboard (www.policymaker.alabama.gov).
"The State Reapportionment Office is currently working on new plans for the redistricting of the State Legislature. This site has added the ability to view the current legislative districts and compare them with potential plans currently under consideration by the legislature."
From the site's home page, click 'Legislative Redistricting'.  This will take you to a side-by-side comparison (pictured below) showing current districts on the left and proposed districts on the right.  A small drop-down box at the upper-right (just under the three seals) lets you choose between the senate and house plans.
Side-by-side comparison at www.policymaker.alabama.gov

Pan or zoom one side, and the other side pans and zooms to the same spot.  You can zoom in to see a street-level comparison of the districts.  Click on a district label and the bottom panel changes to show age, race, and gender demographics for the current and proposed districts.