Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Operation: Call to Duty

image via Flickr, Creative Commons License
As Republicans, we respect the “call of duty” for the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces both here and abroad. We feel it is our duty to honor them by answering our own “call to duty.”

We will be collecting items to send to those service men and women deployed in dangerous areas overseas. Please help us honor them by contributing an item. Simply look at the list of approved items below and drop your items off at the Montgomery County Republican Headquarters on Vaughn Road. Once a box is full, we’ll send it off to our overseas contact for distribution.

Here are some approved items:
Body and foot powder
Jelly beans
Disposable camera
Rice Krispie treats
Beef jerky
Snack mixes
Sunflower seeds
Chewing gum
Long-distance phone cards
Ziploc bags (for keeping things airtight, watertight, and fresher)
Playing cards
Music CDs
Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Inflatable pillow
Canned food items
Smoked oysters and sardines
Pringles chips
Microwave popcorn
DVD movies
Ramen noodles
Cereal bars/granola bars
Microwave pasta that doesn’t need refrigeration such as macaroni and cheese
Bed pillows
Hot cocoa mix
Soup mix
Magazines (these don’t have to be brand new)
Koozies to keep water bottles and cans cool
AA batteries
D size batteries
Air fresheners Stress relief squeeze balls
Baby wipes
Board games
Boot socks
Inflatable seat cushions
Ink pens
Notepads of paper
Word Puzzle books
Air activated heat wraps for sore muscles
Icy hot patches
Foot powder
Paperback books